Bryan Johnston

3D Art Lead / GREE / March 2014 – Present

  • Collaborated with the tech-art department to define the art asset pipeline.
  • Created a variety of art assets for Unity3D including models, shaders, particle effects, and animations.
  • Oversaw a team of four 3D artists.
  • Acted as an ingest manager of outsourced content.

3D Generalist (Freelance) / NimbleVR now with Oculus/Facebook / Aug 2014 – Nov 2014

  • Created Unity3D environments, shaders, particle effects and interactive objects used with proprietary VR hand tracking technology.

Art Director / Redacted Studios / Nov 2012 – March 2014

  • Designed and modeled real world toys and products that communicate with mobile devices.
  • Helped establish vertical integration of production processes.
  • Created pitch presentations.

Art Director / GREE / March 2012 – Nov 2012

  • Art Directed three simultaneous mobile games for MLB, NFL, and NBA licenses.
  • Defined the look and managed all projects under tight deadlines.
  • Communicated with licensors to make sure art was consistent with their brand.

Art Director / Namco / January 2011 – March 2012

  • Pitched and managed the artistic development of several new internal I.P.’s spanning many different styles and genres.
  • Worked closely with the game director to create worlds and characters that inspired and supported the game direction, and story.  This included making content from concept art, comics, style sheets, story boards, editing mood trailers, creating 3d animated visual mockups, and in game prototypes.
  • Created style guides to define the look and ensure consistency with the rest of the art team and outsourcing groups.
  • Managed schedules, JIRA tasking, and art related documentation and Confluence pages.
  • Researched and evaluated several game engines (Unity, Vision, Infernal, Evolution, and Unreal).
  • Worked with engineering and tech-art to develop and test the art asset pipeline for new internal technology.

Lead Character Artist / Namco / June 2009 – Jan 2011

  • Oversaw the character art department across two sister studios (Studio Kaizen, NBGA).
  • Mentored new character artists.
  • Co-managed with the technical art director the processes and procedures related to the character art pipeline.
  • Created high-poly, low-poly, textures, and skinning for several characters.
  • Prototyped and created final art assets for the real-time regenerative damage system used on the main player character.
  • Additional asset and creative support for visual effects, UI, and marketing materials.

Lead Artist / Namco / March 2007 – June 2009

  • Helped develop and drive the vision of a unique look for the game Afro Samurai, and worked closely with engineering and art to maintain that look throughout the development process.
  • Communicated and established a working process with upper management and licensors on the visual development of the game to ensure satisfaction and buy-in at an early stage, to help minimize late and costly changes.
  • Provided direction and feedback to outsourcing groups and helped determine deliverables and timelines.
  • Co-developed an underbody and parts system that ensured compatibility with our dynamic slicing technology and sped up the character creation process.
  • Created texturing techniques and Photoshop action scripts to speed up texture creation while improving quality and consistency.
  • Created several game and cinematic characters including the main player character.
  • Mentored junior artists and interns.
  • Created promotional images and videos for marketing.
  • Worked with ex dev producers to help improve the visual quality of external games.
  • Involved in milestone reviews, and created documents and mockups for feedback.
  • Created marketing images and in game assets.

Senior Artist / Z-Axis (Activision) / June 2005 – March 2007

  • Created assets spanning the entire development pipeline from concept art to in game models.
  • Authored unique Unreal Engine materials to achieve special character transformation effects.
  • Helped develop pipeline and procedure for a versatile high fidelity character customization system.

CG Artist / TSC / June 2004 – June 2005

  • Built a playable game demo using Radiant as proof of concept for new I.P.
  • Created concept art for various entertainment projects.
  • Worked on a variety of 3D interior design visualizations.

References available upon request